The purpose of the Sedes Sapientiae Chapter is to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding ability in the four qualities upheld by the Society.

The National Honor Society Application Process for 2018/2019 is as follows:

  1. Eligible students must have a minimum 3.5 weighted GPA by the end of either sophomore or junior year (this is the sole determinant for receiving an invitation to apply). Rising juniors and seniors are invited to apply during the summer before the next school year begins. An invitation letter to apply, as well as all other necessary application materials and instructions, are mailed out to all eligible candidates.
  2. All application materials are to be turned into the NHS moderators by Friday, September 21st, 2018
  3. Following the application deadline, a select faculty committee is assembled in late Setpember to review all applications and to vote yes or no for admission.
  4. Leters of acceptance and rejection are then sent out to all applicants.  An invitation to the induction ceremony, held during the month of October, is also sent out to all accepted students and their famlies.

Membership in N.H.S. continues as long as the student proves himself/herself eligible.  The four quanities upheld by the Society are:

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  • Demonstrates the kind of properly motivated leadership that should reasonably be expected of a high school student.
  • Recognizes a need and takes the initiative to act on that need.
  • Holds elective school office or positions of responsibility and actively and successfully performs the duties of that office or position.
  • Contributes ideas, which improve the life of the school and exerts the type of leadership, which influences others for good.
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  • Shows a willingness to give service to school, home and community.
  • Shows a willingness to represent the school in inter-scholastic or inter-class competition.
  • Shows a willingness to help the faculty and administration by being of assistance to visitors, school personnel and fellow students.
  • Shows a willingness to do committee or staff work when asked.
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  • Displays true Christian character, upholding principles of morality and ethics.
  • Demonstrates high standards of honesty and responsibility.
  • Consistently demonstrates high levels of friendliness, courtesy and cooperation in complying with school regulations.
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  • Displays strong academic achievement in multiple disciplines of study.
  • Demonstrates exemplary commitment to excellence in all classes.
  • Develops strong rapport with teachers and classmates in order to cultivate a positive learning environment in all classes.
  • Shows diligence through strong determination to constantly improve and challenge oneself intellectually, both inside and outside of the classroom.