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General Objectives
  • To help each student “live as a positive witness and responsible citizen in service of God and others."
  • To help each student recognize his/her individual talents and gifts.
  • To help each student use his/her talents and gifts to benefit others in the community.
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Specific Objectives
  • To help each student understand the concept of Christian service.
  • To have each student learn about and select one service opportunity to volunteer at throughout the calendar school year.
  • For each student to complete 25 hours of service in one activity at a community or parish institution or organization (six (6) hours can be from a service to TCHS through an approved activity (excluding clubs and team memberships).
  • For each student to develop a sense of advocacy for an area of need in the community or Church.
  • To meet the need for volunteers in the community and the Church.
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Specific Requirements

Investigate service opportunities available to people in the community or through your local church or parish. Your choice must be approved by the school and should be for a non-profit, charitable institution or organization that works to help those in need or provides a needed service to the community. You may also consider service opportunities at local schools for tutoring or after school programs. Any parish activities such as altar serving, choir, babysitting during services, or as a lector is acceptable. All service opportunities need approval and some restrictions do apply.

You must complete a minimum of 25 hours at your chosen place(s) of service. Six (6) hours of service may be completed by participating in a school-approved activity. Each student who completes and documents these hours will earn a ¼ credit. (¼ credit of service is required each school year). Documentation of service hours includes the following paperwork:

  • Acknowledgement of Materials form (10 points)
  • Place of Service form (10 points)
  • 25 hours of  service recorded on a dated and signed Documentation of Service form (50 points)
  • a written reflective essay on your volunteer experience (25 points)
  • a letter from your service supervisor confirming your volunteer hours (25 points)
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Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018
Acknowledgement of Materials form due

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
Place of Service form due

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019          
Final documentation for seniors due

  • Documentation of Service form
  • Written Reflection (essay)
  • Service Supervisors letter

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019
Final documentation for underclassmen due

  • Documentation of Service form
  • Written Reflection (essay)
  • Service Supervisors letter

Click here for a suggested list of places of service.

Please note: final documentation materials should be returned altogether in a folder to Mrs. D’Aquila in room 214.