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SCHS/TCHS Crusader March Madness 2018


The Catholic High Advancement Department is running an Alumni March Madness Tournament of Giving again this year to boost support for the school and keep our valued alumni involved.

The competition last year was a great success!  We've made some changes this year to gain even more involvement.

Ways for your class to win:

- Highest Dollar Amount Raised
   In this category every penny counts!  Classes with an already high participation rate will have good leverage in
   getting classmates to increase their gifts.

- Highest Rate of Participation 
  In this category the amount of money raised is not a factor - all classes can participate equally, including those
  just starting out in the work world. (FYI last year the Class of 1994 had a 48.8% participation!)

The winning classes get their own private hospitality tent - with food and beverages - for the Catholic High Homecoming celebration on September 22nd, 2018, when we face off against Stamford High.

In addition, the decade with the most participation will receive a shout out at the game.  Money raised is not a factor - strong decade classes will encourage other classes in their decade to "Get in the Game!"



- All alumni who have already given for fiscal year 2017-2018 are counted with their respective class.  These
  donations determine a class' starting participation percentage.

- Mnimum donation to be eligible is $20.

- We encourage online donations, but checks made out to Trinity Cathoic High School are gratefully accepted as

- No one donor or group of donors can donate on behalf of an entire class.


Key Dates:

- March 13th:  the 2018 contest officially opens

- March 22nd:  Elite Eight classes are posted in the bracket

- March 31st:  Final Four classes are posted

- April 3rd:  2018 March Madness Champion Classes named




Spread the Word:

Crusader March Madness Social Resources - connect on Facebook pages and timelines, social media, email and more.  Need something else to get your classmates involved? Contact Kim Maloney, Advancement Director.

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Crusader March Madness Hastags

- #SCHSGameOn

- #TCHSGameOn

- #CrusaderMarchMadness

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"Rally" Your Class - Sample Letter

At a loss on how to get started rallying your class and how to spread the word to your classmates and ask them to participate?Here's some copy you can cut and paste to use in emails, Facebook posts, tweets, etc. Use this letter as a starting point - change it up by adding your own words or something your classmates will remember from their time at Catholic High.


Hello Crusader Classmates:

Welcome to Catholic High's March Madness!

This is a competitive giving campaign for ALUMNI ONLY.  We will compete class against class, with the goals being participation and/or giving amount totals. Minimum donation is $20 and can be done online.

We begin with the traditional bracket starting March 13th.  Our starting class rank is determined by giving percentage on that date. Then on March 22nd, Catholic High will announce the Elite 8. On March 31st, the Final Four classes will be posted. Finally, the winners will be announced on April 3rd.

The classes who come out on top will get their own hospitality tent at the TCHS Homecoming game on September 22nd, 2018.

Class Standings as of March 13, 2018