September 2019 is the 60th anniversary of stamford/trinity Catholic High football. 

Our 1st football games began in September 1959. 

1959 schs Football Team
1960 schs Football team
April 2019 Football Reunion with members from our first football team

Special thanks to Larry Laureno SCHS '61 for sending us these photos!

Larry took the time to share with us the following history of Trinity Catholic Football when it all began...

“This month is the 60th anniversary of Catholic High football ! Our 1st football games began in September 1959. I was a member of the team in the very 1st two seasons. We were the original start-up team. Coached by Head Coach Bob Lynch, we had 34 members on the team that season.

We started off of course losing games until we found some cohesiveness and won the last two games. That 1st year we were 2 wins 7 losses. Our co-captains were Wendall Smith and Ted Coppola. Our second year, the 1960 season, we won 4 games lost 1 (by only 4 points ) and tied one. A winning season in our second year! That second year our co-captains were Ted Coppola and myself. SCHS was 23-16-1 in our 1st 5 years putting together a team from scratch !

There's the foundation for Catholic High Football in Stamford put together with great leadership by Coach Bob Lynch. One member of our team those 1st two years went on to start for Notre Dame University the year they went undefeated and won the national championship. That was Dick Swatland.

Those of us that played for Coach Lynch during his 5 years have been meeting every year for about 12 years now. It seems "Once a Crusader, Always a Crusader " is not just a slogan but is true !

The photo from the April 2019 reunion of SCHS football alumni shows the 23 of us who attended. Many stories are shared about the early years with a lot of laughs. There definitely is a bond among us !

Next year we will be inviting those football alumni who played for Bob Horan during his 4 years as head coach to join us. Coach Lynch passed away a few years ago but the assistant who took over for him, as Head Coach, Bob Horan, has been attending our annual reunions for the last 4 years. He is now 82 years old and drives 3 hours to be with us! Coach Horan began as an assistant in the 1960 season. His first year as head coach was 1964. In 1966 he coached SCHS to the state championship. Coach Horan added significantly to our Catholic High football tradition !"

- Larry Laureno SCHS '61