The nurses for the 2018/2019 school year are Lisa Latte Brown '74, P'03, and Catherine Dodick. 

The nurse’s office, located on the main floor of Trinity, is open daily from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Please refer to the school calendar for half-day and day off schedules. Your summer mailing packet contained many important papers - including information regarding your child’s immunization requirements. Please review this material carefully and be sure all forms are completed and returned to the front office prior to the first day of school.  

Please note: Both the Health Assessment Record and the School Health Services Emergency Card must be filled out and either mailed to Trinity or brought to the main office BEFORE the start of the 2018/2019 school year. If you need either of these forms, please see the front office or click here to print one.

We also offer Student Accident Insurance coverage. Click here for information and to complete an enrollment form.

Review of medical requirements:

PHYSICALS: A complete physical is required of all new students. This includes all 9th grade students and all students new to the school entering upper grades. Upperclassmen already enrolled at Trinity do not need a new physical each year unless they are participating in sports. All physicals must be on the State of Connecticut Physical Form.

IMMUNIZATIONS: The dates must be complete: month, day and year.

  • Meningococcal:  1 dose (must be dated after 2011)
  • DPT:  4 doses (1 dose in 6th or 7th grade)
  • Polio:  4 doses
  • MMR:  2 doses
  • Hep B:  3 doses
  • Chicken Pox:  2 doses or proof of disease with titer

TUBERCULOSIS: Foreign students NEW to the school and any student who has recently traveled out of the country for more than six (6) weeks must show evidence of a negative TB test before returning to school. This includes those foreign students that return home to their countries for the summer months. Please contact the school nurse if traveling. 

SPORTS: If a student is planning on participating in any school sport, they must have in their medical record a valid physical (sports physicals are valid for thirteen months from the date the physical is performed by the physician). The physician must indicate that the student may participate in school sports.

EMERGENCY CARD: Please fill out and return this card no later than the FIRST day of each new school year. This information will be used in the event of an emergency and we need to contact a parent or guardian.

MEDICATIONS: Students are not permitted to self-administer medications during the school day. Please complete a pink Medication Form (obtained from the nurse's office) for any medications the student requires regularly during the school day. Please send your completed form and the child's medication to the nurse on the first day of school.

No student will be allowed to start classes until ALL medical documentation is received and reviewed by the nurse's office. 

Please do not hesitate to call our office at 203.487.8234 with any questions or concerns. We welcome back our returning families and look forward to meeting the students and parents who are to become the new members of our Trinity family!