Trinity Catholic’s Student Ambassadors is an organization of junior and senior students who are the direct representatives of the TCHS student body to the outside community.  These students promote TCHS through their passion for the school and by inspiring others to be a part of the school community.  Student Ambassadors conduct tours at Open Houses, assist the Advancement Office at special events, work with the Stamford Catholic middle and elementary schools throughout the year at their special events, and assist the TCHS community as the need arises throughout the year.

Membership: Open to juniors and seniors who demonstrate leadership, service, commitment to school, school spirit, enthusiasm, excellent verbal skills, good behavior and effort, attendance and punctuality. Ambassadors are selected based on their application.
Moderator: Mr. John DeBenedictis, Admissions Director


The Animal Outreach Club offers an ASPCA instructional program on curelty to animals and helps animals in need through drives and fundraising. The Human Society of Westchester at New Rochelle provides opportunities for club members to become members of their Junior Volunteer Program.  

Promoting awareness that animals are also God's creatures, the Club will hold a yearly blessing of the animals.

Membership: All TCHS students
Moderator: Ms. Grace Lohr, International Students Coordinator 


The Art & Photography Club is a gathering of students who practice, experiment and focus on their individual aims and/or school projects. Students share information on art, technology, art websites, art shows in other areas, classes from other art schools and more.

Membership:  All TCHS Students
Moderator: Ms. Solange Gomez


The Business Club provides an opportunity for students to learn about business, economics and entrepreneurship. Club members will work with Parent Advisors to learn the basics of accounting, inventory and cash management through guest speakers and meetings.  These goals will also be achieved by the students working in the school store, Crusaders Corner. Students will have an opportunity to gain real life work experience in our school store dealing with customers, sales, marketing, communications, and finance.  

The Crusaders Corner is a for-profit business that promotes school spirit by selling Trinity branded merchandise. Crusaders Corner also sells snacks and beverages after school.

Participation is flexible around students' other athletic and club activities. Club members are expected to work 15 hours or more during the school calendar year. 

2017 meeting dates: 9/21, 10/5, 10/19, 11/2, 11/16, 11/30, 12/14
2018 meeting dates: 1/11, 2/1, 3/1, 3/15, 4/5, 4/26, 5/10, 5/24

Membership: All TCHS Students
Moderators: Mrs. Natalie Raduazzo & Mrs. Sue Oates


The Chess Club fosters critical thinking, discipline and good sportsmanship through the game of chess. Although the club meets weekly, there is the opportunity for members to practice their skills each day after school. The club takes part in competitions against other high schools throughout the year as well as the State Championships in Hartford during the month of March.

Membership: Open to all TCHS Students of varied chess playing abilities (beginner to expert)
Moderator: Mr. Ralph Brancadoro


Choir is open to any student who likes to sing. We have the Trinity Singers who perform at Mass and our performance choir, The Triquetra.

Membership: All TCHS Students
Moderator: Mr. Angelo Natalie


Crusaders For Life is a Christ-centered student community dedicated to enriching and promoting Catholic faith and values in our school, our community and society, including the right to life and dignity of the human person from birth to natural death.

Membership: All TCHS Students
Moderator: Mr. Ralph Brancadoro


The theatre program at TCHS provides the opportunity for students to experience the performing arts whether it be on stage or behind the scenes. Its purpose is to broaden the students' exposure to, and appreciation of, live theatre.  Members learn about performance and technical theatre 'hands-on' during the two annual productions: the Fall play and the Spring musical. During the school year, the club sponsors field trips into New York City and acting/audition seminars as well as having guest theatre professionals speak with club members about their experiences.  The Crusader Players have numerous high school theatre award nominations and wins!

Membership: All TCHS Students


Ears for Years was started in 2012 by Grace O'Brien. The TCHS chapter works with a nonprofit organization devoted to bringing solar-powered hearing aids to deaf children in developing countries around the world.

The group also educates people about the importance of hearing aids in early childhood education and hearing issues in children of developing countries.

Membership: All TCHS Students
Moderator: Ms. Rachel Tarczali 


The objective of the Environmental Club is to raise awareness among high school students about the damage done to our enviornment and how one can prevent it.  The use of recycling bins throughout the school allows both students and staff to properly dispose of their paper and plastics. This club utilizes daily shifts where members collect and recycle bottles and cans from around the school. In addition, club members collect any recyclables left behind after sports games.  This club also utilizes weekly shifts to recycle unnecessary papers found in classrooms.  Formal meetings take place twice a month, on Thursdays, usually lasting half an hour.  If necessary, this schedule will be altered to have meetings every week.

Membership:  All TCHS Students
Moderator:  Ms. Penka Petkova


The Multi-Cultural Club fosters understanding of different cultures and celebrates diversity through varied activities, programs and field trips. In addition, the club sponsors and coordinates serveral Multi-cultural dinners. 

Membership: All TCHS Students
Moderators: Ms. Solage Gomez & Ms. Eva DiPalma


The Sedes Sapientiae Chapter of the National Honor Society is an honorary society that provides service to the school and the community. The Chapter meets the first Wednesday of every month.

Membership: Juniors and Seniors are selected per the guidelines of the national organization based on character, leadership, service, and academics.
Moderators: Mr. James Henkel


Anyone who loves talking or listening to discussions concerning local, national and world politics should join the Political Science Club.  The club encourages people with all political beliefs to come and discuss issues that matter to them.

Membership: All TCHS Students
Moderator: Ms. Joann DeMassa


The purpose of the Science Club is to bring students who are interested in the field of science together and allow them to benefit from each other by performing demos, group activities and sharing their knowledge. We aim to provide opportunities to students at TCHS to develop scientific thought processes and help them succeed in the field.

Students will be exposed, and encouraged, to avail themselves of various  opportunities that are available in the scientific field, for example: internships, scholarships, etc.

Students will also be exposed to the various career opportunities available in the field of science and the subject path required in high school subject selection to aid them attain their desired occupation.

The input of guest speakers in various scientific fields, physically or online, plus field trips to interesting scientific venues, are highlights we hope to incorporate this year.

The Science Club is comprised of an executive council and regular members.  The executive council meets bi-weekly to suggest agenda's, activities and modealities that will be presented at the next general monthly meeting.

Membership:  All TCHS students
Moderator: Mrs. Theresa Ufomaduh


Members are elected by the student body to serve the student body. Members must meet grade requirements and be present at meetings. Some examples of the projects/events the Student Council is involved in are the annual food drive, toy drive, homecoming activities, community reach out programs, dances, fundraising, elections, as well as new ventures as proposed each year by council members.

Class Officers are responsible for representing their grade at Student Council meetings working with their class moderators to carry out traditional activities for their class, plan new activities for their grade and to foster class spirit and identity.

Membership: After meeting eligibility requirements, members are elected by their peers
Moderators: Mrs. Katrina Egan & Ms. Becca Corso


A student-led program that recognizes the importance of teen leadership and advocacy.  It provides prevention education and gives teens here at TCHS the opportunity to stand up against teen dating violence, an issue that affects so many teens in our communities.  The program focuses on the importance of maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships and teaches empathy, tolerance, self-awareness and respect.

Membership: All TCHS Students
Moderator: Mrs. Katrina Egan


Students in the Tech Crew are the background support for the Crusader Players productions, school assemblies and events.  If you have an interest in production management, lighting, sound management or any of the other areas involving the technical side of production, this is the club for you.

Membership: All TCHS Students


Students on the yearbook staff learn skills in layout, design, writing, editing, photography and graphics as they work on the annual edition of the Trinity Catholic Yearbook, The Witness.

Membership: All TCHS Students
Moderator: Mrs. Brenna Capriotti