Members are elected by the student body to serve the student body. They must meet grade requirements and be present at weekly meetings. Some of the projects/events Student Council sponsors are the annual food drive, toy drive, homecoming, community reach out programs, dances, fundraising, elections, walk-a-thons for worthy causes, as well as new ventures as proposed each year by council members.

Class Officers are responsible for representing their grade at Student Council Meetings. In addition, Class Officers work with their Class Moderators to carry out traditional activities for their class, plan new activities for their grade and to foster class spirit and identity.
Membership: After meeting eligibility requirements, members are elected by their peers.

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Moderators & Executive Council

Ms. Rachel Tarczali - email
Ms. Bonnie DeAngelis - email

Executive Council
Executive President: Domenica Echeverria
Executive Vice President: Maddie Ingram
Executive Secretary: Jessica Bircaj
Executive Treasurer: Martina Cornacchia

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Senior Class of 2019 Council

Mr. Tom Kriz - email

President: Emily Bell
Vice President: Oliva Jania
Secretary: Bella Martinez
Treasurer: Allie Cavaliere

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Junior Class of 2020 Council

Mr. Jack Kelly - email

President: Fiona Willette
Vice President: Patrica Carlon
Secretary: Eleanor Curley-Holmes

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Sophomore Class 2021 Council

John Casey - email
Bonnie DeAngelis - email

President: Maureen Nelson
Vice President: Michael Bellacicco
Secretary: Abby Guilfoyle
Treasurer: Kayley Gutierrez

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Freshmen Class 2022 Council

Mike LaRusso - email

Caroline Bell
Carly Clarke
Isaiah Lopez
Charnelle White

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Delegates at Large

Keri Gallagher
Sophie Muzzio
Anya Pavlov
Marlon Song